十大正规体育平台 has an unparalleled ability to serve international higher education needs.

十大正规体育平台是一家总部位于德克萨斯州的公司, globally engaged consortium of 41 higher education institutions in 德州 and around the world. Our partners are served by 十大正规体育平台’s ability to access the expertise of over 40,000 faculty and administrators and by our strong presence in the 10th largest economy in the world. 十大正规体育平台的经验和独创性经常被呼吁为全球高等教育部门提供创新和最佳实践, including helping established institutions gain accreditation, 创建新的学位课程, and modernize curriculum; and we map, plan and execute new university designs and curricular programs for investors and government institutions.

作为一个网络, 十大正规体育平台 offers member institutions global connections that advance international strategies, 编程能力建设, 增加学生的流动性, 加强全球参与,补充和加强各机构的全面国际化努力. 德州 universities are a powerhouse together, and 十大正规体育平台 believes in the cross-sharing of ideas and information between all of our member organizations.


德克萨斯州的一个&米大学 (TAMU),学院站,得克萨斯州
TAMU is the flagship university of the 德克萨斯州的一个&M system which features 19 colleges and schools across the state. TAMU holds a Tier 1 研究 status, is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), 获得过三次诺贝尔奖, and yielded $892 million+ in 研究 expenditures in FY2016. It boasts an international alumni network, and nationally and globally ranked programs in 阀杆, 文科, 医疗保健, 法律, 业务, 和教育. Money Magazine ranked TAMU 1st in “Great Schools You Can Actually Get Into” in 2015, and the 德州 Higher Education Coordinating Board ranked it 1st in 德州 in 6-year graduation rates.

德克萨斯州的一个&米国际大学 (TAMIU),拉雷多,TX
The New York Times ranked TAMIU 1st in 德州, 整体流动性(学生受教育程度提高收入的可能性)在全国排名第三。. TAMIU has a nationally ranked 业务 program, strong 研究 focuses in 业务 and trade, and a partnership with the 德州 Tech School of 法律. The university is located on the border with Mexico, and aims to pursue a progressive agenda for global study and understanding.

德克萨斯州的一个&米大学-Commerce (TAMUC)、商业、TX
TAMUC has a nationally ranked 护理 program and a nationally recognized student newspaper. It offers additional locations in downtown 达拉斯, 科西卡纳, 豆科灌木, 麦金尼, Midlothian and Rockwall as well as a strong online presence. It is the second largest university in the prestigious 德克萨斯州的一个&M大学系统.

德克萨斯州的一个&米大学-Corpus克里斯蒂 (TAMUCC),科珀斯克里斯蒂,得克萨斯州
TAMUCC is the only university in the nation located on its own island, at the heart of the 德州 Gulf Coast. It has a strong 研究 and 业务 emphasis, and a strong 护理 program. At TAMUCC faculty often work one-on-one with students on 研究 and other hands-on activities. It is also one of only seven federal test sites in the nation for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

德克萨斯州的一个&米大学-Texarkana (TAMUT),一家位于,TX
TAMUT is known for its academic 卓越, community leadership, and student success. 位于德克萨斯州东北部, 这所成长中的大学最近新建了一座3200万美元的教学楼和1100万美元的娱乐中心. It holds an emphasis on 业务 administration, 艺术与科学学院, 技术, 工程, 数学和教育.

草原查看&米大学 (PVAMU), Prairie View,得克萨斯州
PVAMU是一所历史悠久的黑人大学(在全国HBCU排名很高),有选择性的医学预科项目和培养数千名非洲裔美国工程师的丰富历史, 护士和教育者.


拉马尔大学 (陆),博蒙特,TX
剑桥大学的核心课程质量和学生群体的多样性得到了全国的认可. It has a strong 73% acceptance rate into medical school (above state average). It has space 研究 opportunities, 它以其刑事司法项目以及参与石油和工程相关的研究和项目而闻名.

萨姆·休斯顿州立大学 (SHSU) Hunstville, TX
For more than 140 years, SHSU has been preparing students for meaningful lives of achievement. 它的座右铭, “The measure of a Life is its Service,” resonates among its approximately 21,612名学生, eight colleges and well beyond its Huntsville roots. 服务自己和他人在上海外国语大学是最重要的,并反映在所有的大学组织和项目. In fact, the university was named to USA Today’s Top 50 in the U.S. for “commitment to 公民参与 and global awareness,” in addition to being classified a "Community Engaged" by the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education.


德州理工大学 将(TTU)、卢博克市TX
TTU is a flagship university with Tier 1 研究 status. 它拥有全国公认的, affordable medical school program, and is nationally ranked in education, 石油工程, 地球科学, 工程, 和政治科学. Total 研究 expenditures at the university reached an all-time high of $184,342,000 in FY 2017. TTU also hosts 研究 institutes for tech and entrepreneurship, 生物威胁, 风性能, 工程, 和全球最大体育的.

德州理工大学 Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC),卢博克市,TX
TTUHSC educates students, provides patient care and conducts biomedical and clinical 研究. TTUHSC has 研究生d the most health care professionals in the state of 德州. Nationally recognized for innovative programs, 学术成就, 和前沿研究, TTUHSC are training the next generation of highly qualified health professionals.

安吉洛州立大学 (亚利桑那州立大学),圣安吉洛,得克萨斯州
ASU is a dynamic learning community located in the heart of West 德州, and ranked by The Princeton Review as one of the nation’s “Best Colleges” every year since 2010. It proudly calls itself a Hispanic serving institution, and has a student body that is more than half first-generation American. ASU has a strong 60% acceptance rate into medical school (above state average), excels in space 研究 opportunities, and is known for programs in 刑事司法, 护理, 和国土安全. 它还以拥有该州最实惠的应急管理学位在线硕士学位而闻名.  

中西部州立大学 (MSU),威奇托瀑布,得克萨斯州
MSU is a public 文科 college and is a member of the Council of Liberal Arts Colleges. It is the only public 文科 university in 德州 with a low student to faculty ratio, and was recently recognized by U.S. 新闻 and 世界报道’s list of “10 Public Schools with the Cheapest Out-of-State Tuition.”


休斯顿大学 (嗯),休斯顿,德克萨斯州
UH is located in a sprawling metropolis, their premier Tier One campus provides students with cutting-edge programs including under研究生, 研究生, 博士, distance and continuing education studies. Ranked among the best colleges in America, UH is home to award-winning faculty, 创新研究中心, 这些校友已经成为国际领袖,是美国最多样化的学生群体之一.

休斯顿大学-Clear Lake (UHCL), Clear Lake, TX
UHCL offers close, nurturing attention from faculty, and is known as a good value for the education. It is recognized by leading national accrediting agencies in education, 社会工作, 科学, 和全球最大体育的.

休斯顿大学-Victoria (特高压),维多利亚,TX
UHV offers a low student to faculty ratios and accelerated bachelors programs for communication, 刑事司法, 英语, 历史 or psychology that can be completed in three years. UHV is ranked the seventh most affordable public university in 德州.

北德克萨斯大学 System:

北德克萨斯大学 (螺母),丹
UNT is one of the nation’s largest universities, 提供103个学士学位, 86年硕士, and 38 博士 degree programs. It is a flagship Tier 1 研究 university with highly ranked programs in 业务, 科学, 社会科学, 还有美术(音乐), 电影, 和艺术).

The University of 德州 System:

The University of 德州 at Arlington (UTA),阿灵顿,TX
UTA is a Tier 1 研究 university with a strong 研究 and innovation culture, distinguished faculty in the National Academy of Inventors. It hosts one of the largest 护理 programs in the US, and is nationally ranked in education, 计算机科学, 护理, 工程, 和社会工作. UTA also offers an 英语 language program for international students.

The University of 德州 at Austin (UT Austin),奥斯汀,得克萨斯州

Known as the flagship institutions of the University of 德州 system, UT Austin is ranked among the best 研究 universities in the country. 根据你.S. 新闻 & 世界报道, UT Austin is one of the top 20 public universities, 与第一会计, Latin American 历史 and 石油工程 研究生 programs in the country.

The University of 德州 at 达拉斯 (UTD)、达拉斯、TX
UTD is a Tier 1 研究 university with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and 研究. It is nationally ranked in 业务, 阀杆, 经济学, 公共事务, 政治科学, 和刑事司法. Ranked as one of the top 100 tuition values in the United States by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, UT 达拉斯 offers high-caliber instruction at a reasonable rate.

The University of 德州 at El Paso (UTEP),得克萨斯州埃尔帕索
UTEP is recognized as a Model Institution for Excellence by the National Science Foundation. It offers bi-national 研究 and collaboration opportunities, and is nationally ranked in 地球科学, 英语, 历史, 和治疗.

The University of 德州 Permian Basin (UTPB),敖德萨,TX
The only university named after a geological formation, UTPB offers a significantly low tuition and a low student to faculty ratio. Surrounded by one of the largest oilfields in the country, UTPB位于一个经济增长和技术进步具有全球意义的地区的中心. It also offers a large online learning library.

The University of 德州 Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV),布朗斯维尔,TX
With campuses through the 德州 Valley, UTRGV empowers successful futures, 提高日常生活, and lets the region shine as a global innovator in higher education, 双语教育, 健康教育, 生物医学研究, and emerging 技术 that inspires positive change. UTRGV提供美国最实惠的MBA课程之一,在职业治疗和康复咨询方面在全国排名靠前.

The University of 德州 at San Antonio (UTSA),圣安东尼奥,得克萨斯州
UTSA has a high rate of acceptance into post-研究生 schools, 非常重视研究, and nationally ranked programs in cyber security, 英语, 社会工作, 和统计数据. 《全球最大体育》将UTSA的商学院评为全美第一的西班牙裔服务机构,也是德克萨斯州排名前五的项目之一. Hewlett-Packard named it the #1 cybersecurity program in the nation.  

The University of 德州 at Tyler (UTT),泰勒,TX
UTT offers a low student to faculty ratio and a nationally ranked 护理 program. UTT has a well-established suite of online courses, certificate, and degree programs. UTT focuses on 研究 in petroleum security, ingenuity, 和全球最大体育的.

Independent Public Universities of 德州:

Stephen F. 奥斯汀州立大学 (SFA),纳TX
国家林业局在东德克萨斯地区设有国家认可的环境科学部门和林业研究机构. Its quality 护理 program offers a 97% first-time pass rate for 护理 licensing, and the school offers the only early childhood 研究 center of its kind in 德州.

德克萨斯女子大学 (TWU),丹  
With enrollment of approximately 15,000名学生, TWU is the nation’s largest university primarily for women. TWU非常重视女性学生的权利,在信息研究方面有全国排名的项目, 医疗保健, 治疗, 护理, 和舞蹈. 它在丹顿有分校, 达拉斯, 和休斯顿, which are joined by an e-learning campus offering many online degree programs. TWU 研究生s more new health care professionals than any other university in 德州.

Private Universities of 德州:

阿比林基督教大学 (ACU),阿比林,TX
阿比林基督教大学 is a hub of rigorous academic 卓越 and devoted community. Through residential and online under研究生 and 研究生 programs, ACU equips students for lives of service leadership, 通过特殊的教学,激发他们的好奇心,让他们准备好创造解决方案,解决今天和明天的机会.

贝勒大学 (贝勒),韦科,TX
成立于1845年, 贝勒大学 is a private Christian university and nationally ranked 研究 institution. 贝勒的排名是 U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道 as #76 on their annual review of colleges and universities. Faculty and students are active in 研究, 该大学的研究计划包括水库和水生系统研究中心和韦科猛犸遗址.

Huston-Tillotson大学 (HTU),奥斯汀,得克萨斯州
Huston-Tillotson大学 (HT), 它的历史可以追溯到1875年, is the oldest institution of higher education in Austin, 德州. This historically black institution (HBCU) offers the master’s degree in 业务 和教育. 另外, it offers the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in more than 20 areas of study, including a BS in Mechanical Engineering. HT is affiliated with The United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ. 教育经验吸引了不同的人口的学术成就,强调学术卓越, spiritual and ethical development, 公民参与, and leadership in a nurturing environment. 一个多元文化的, 多民族, 和《机构, the University welcomes students of all ages, 比赛, 和宗教信仰. As an historically black institution, Huston-Tillotson大学’s mission is to nurture a legacy of leadership and 卓越 in education.

莱斯大学 (大米),休斯顿,德克萨斯州
莱斯大学 is ranked among the nation’s top 20 universities by U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道. Rice has a 6-to-1 under研究生 student-to-faculty ratio, and a residential college system, which supports students intellectually, emotionally and culturally through social events, 校内的运动, 学生扮演, 讲座系列, courses and student government. 发展紧密的, diverse college communities is a strong campus tradition, which is why Rice is highly ranked for best quality of life and best value among private universities.

南卫理公会大学 (SMU)、达拉斯、TX
A nationally ranked private university, SMU is a distinguished center for global 研究 with a 文科 tradition. 南卫理公会大学超过12人,000多元, 来自美国50个州和90个国家的优秀学生都可以利用该校的小班教学, hands-on 研究 opportunities, 领导力发展, 社区服务, international study and innovative programs. The University offers a strong foundation in the humanities and 科学s and under研究生, 研究生 and professional degree programs through eight schools. SMU is increasingly recognized for the ways it supports students, faculty and alumni as they become ethical leaders in their professions and communities. 南卫理公会大学与达拉斯的关系——达拉斯是美国发展最快的地区之一——提供了独特的学习机会, 研究, social and career opportunities that provide a launch pad for our students, faculty and alumni to make a global impact.

St. 爱德华的大学 (SEU),奥斯汀,得克萨斯州
A private, Catholic university located in Austin, 德州, St. 爱德华的大学 boasts over 55 under研究生 and 研究生 degrees. St. 爱德华大学连续18年被认为是“美国最好的大学”之一,在美国大学排名中排名第8.S. 新闻 & 世界报道.

St. 玛丽的大学(StMU)德克萨斯州圣安东尼奥
St. Mary's University is a private Marianist 文科 institution in San Antonio, 德州. Founded by the Society of Mary (Marianists) in 1852, St. Mary's is the oldest Catholic university in 德州 and the American Southwest. With a student population of nearly 4,000, St. Mary's is home to a College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; School of Science, Engineering and Technology; the Greehey School of Business; and the St. Mary's University School of 法律. St. Mary's is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 除了, 格里希商学院获得了美国大学商学院促进会(AACSB)的认证。. Electrical and industrial 工程 programs in the School of Science, 工程及科技获工程及科技评审委员会认可。.

圣三一大学 (TU),圣安东尼奥,得克萨斯州
家有2个以上,500名学生, Trinity is rooted in the liberal 艺术与科学学院 with pre-professional programs. 圣三一大学 is guided by a mission and set of values that place the student experience at its core. As a community that both honors our past and shapes our future, Trinity strives to live its values in everything it does.

University of the Incarnate Word (uw),圣安东尼奥,得克萨斯州
Founded in 1881 by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, UIW paved new ways for tens of thousands of students to reach their academic dreams. UIW was the first institution to offer higher education for women in central and south 德州, consistently ranks among the top schools for veterans, 和排名. 1 in the nation among faith-based universities graduating Hispanic students with bachelor’s degrees. As pioneers in Catholic higher education, 威斯康辛大学将继续为每一位学生开拓新的道路,让他们充分发挥自己的潜力,为世界创造积极的变化.


The American University of Cairo (AUC),埃及开罗
成立于1919年, The American University in Cairo (AUC) is a leading 英语-language, American-accredited institution of higher education. AUC places emphasis on 研究 and is committed to diversity, 终身学习, 卓越, 社会责任, 和完整性. AUC的学位是由美国中等国家高等教育委员会和埃及国家教育质量保证和评估管理局(NAQAAE)认证的. According to QS World University Rankings, the university is ranked in the top 450 universities around the world.

开罗巴德尔大学 (BUC),巴德尔城,开罗,埃及
北京大学的唯一使命是创建一个教育机构,旨在为不同的埃及阶层提供最高的教育质量. BUC encompasses sixteen schools (Pharmacy, Medicine, Engineering & Technology, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Linguistics & Translation, Nursing, Business & 经济学、电影制作 & 表演艺术, 应用艺术, 兽医, 生物技术, 盟军的健康科学, 法律, 政治科学, 和人文 & 社会科学).

Dar Al-Hekma大学 (DAH),吉达,沙特阿拉伯
Since its establishment in 1999, Dar Al-Hekma大学 has positioned itself as the leading private, 非营利性的, higher education institution for women in Saudi Arabia. Dar Al-Hekma大学 comprises of four main schools: School of Business and 法律, School of Design and Architecture, 学校的卫生, Behavioral Sciences and Education, 以及工程学院, 计算和信息. 该大学在7个不同的专业提供硕士学位,男女学生都有. 该大学提供的学位课程与国际大学合作开发, 并且完全获得许可, and recognized by the Saudi Ministry of Education.

Galala大学 (GU), Galala市,埃及
Galala大学 (GU) was inaugurated in 2020 following a presidential decree issued by His Excellency, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. The university is located in the heart of Galala City, 在苏伊士省, equipped with the latest 技术, 学生的设施, 以及顶尖的学术和管理人员共同工作,提供优秀的学习经验,使GU的最大能力达到25人,000 local and international students. The university is divided into fifteen promising fields with over 60 distinct programs. GU seeks to be a leading educational institution across the MENA Region, fostering continuous 研究 methodologies and active learning for students. The university aims at maintaining a competitive advantage in managing the quality system of education, 研究, 知识, 而社区服务则为学生提供必要的技能和知识,以满足当地的需要, 区域, and international labor market through the provision of distinguished academic and professional programs.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST),加纳库马西,
科大的宗旨是通过创造环境进行相关研究,促进科学技术知识的发展, 高质量的教学, entrepreneurship training and community engagement to improve the quality of life.

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU),达兰,沙特阿拉伯
PMU是一所由穆罕默德·本·法赫德王子创办的私立大学,获得了沙特教育部的认证,并获得了国家学术认证和评估委员会的区域认证. 根据QS世界大学排名,PMU在世界各地的751到800所大学中排名第一. 在《泰晤士报高等教育》评选的“阿拉伯国家10所最好的阿拉伯大学”中,PMU排名第4。.